Bernard "Bernie" Adam Santo


Title The Ladies Man
Gender Male
Race Promus
Age 19 (Arc 1, pre-time skip); 20 (Arc 1, post-time skip)
Status Alive
Date of Birth September 23rd
Place of Birth Tonoko City
Team The Rebellion
Weapons Bladed Baseball Bat
Height 3 foot, 7 inches
Weight 170 lbs

General InfoEdit

Bernie Santo first appears in Act 2 of Dynasty: Origins. He meets Lane while drunk at Jack's Tavern, attempting to talk his way out of his perhaps 10th IOU to Jack, the owner of the said Tavern. Bernie sobers up after Lane helps him pay off one of his IOUs and he begins to follow Lane around, eventually becoming his roommate in Lane's apartment. Until he met Minnie, he was a "player" (or rather known as a womanizer) as he constantly hit on anything that moved, trying to get invited to spend the night at a one night stand's place.

Bernie sticks with Lane as much as he can as he believes that Lane is the "man with the plan", especially when Lane formed his group to take on the Crimson Gavel head on.


Bernie first appears in Dynasty: Origins as a drunk deadbeat trying to talk his way out of his 10th IOU at Jack's Tavern.

Relationships: Minnie (apparent)