General InformationEdit

First introduced in the Origins arc via Lane's knowledge, the Bodaren were once the loyal subjects that followed the great Time Lord Magazor until that faithful day that she stopped answering their calls and they noticed they were getting sick, killed and injured. No longer did they think they were immortal and the faction split into two - those who still worshipped the lost Magazor and those who did not and learned to fend for themselves.


Natural Bodarens, which on a written record no longer seem to exist, take on the appearance of an Anteater. The males were usually burly and muscular, while only being slightly taller than a Promus. The females had beautiful augmentations, allegedly modeled after Magazor herself with a perfect curvature to their bodies and their bosom being large and ripe enough to feed plenty of children. They were around the same height as a male Promus as well. They are the oldest race on Krater, dating back perhaps nearly 500,000 years.