The following information may contain spoilers to the Dynasty series. Read at your own risk.

Vincent Vinchi
  • Don
  • Boss
  • Head of the Household
Team Crimson Gavel
  • Laser Pistol
  • Plasma Rifle
  • Shock Gun
  • Ryjy Form: The Cloud
  • Empowerment: Booster
Height 6 foot, 3 inches
Weight 280 lbs
Family Sprock Vinchi (Son)

General InformationEdit

Vincent Vinchi is a don of the Crimson Gavel. He is also the father of Sprock Vinchi. Within Origins, it is speculated and hinted at that he seems to be the lead of the aforementioned crime group. It is also revealed by Jagger than he was ranked at 3rd in terms of power, meaning Morta was 4th and thus the weakest. This makes Bortelli the 2nd strongest, while making Vinchi the strongest.


Vinchi's introduced in Act 3 of Dynasty: Origins as Robert Bortelli sends Lane to primarily work for him.  He as a somewhat intimidating personality and has quite the vocal skills in order to lead the Crimson Gavel.

Personal AppearanceEdit

Hair Color: Gray

Eye Color: Yellow

Fur Color: Purple

Hair Length: Short, slicked back

Body Type: Fat (Origins Act 3); Muscular (Origins Act 11.5)

Favorite Outfit: Gray pinstripe suit, black dress shoes, and a blue tie