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Created by Raymond "Neo Tanner" Carter

Visuals by Megan Rossavincolo

It is a story series that tells the tale of a young Acrolyte and the trouble caused by his rivals such as the Crimson Gavel and Cryptic Guard, soon revealing a dark secret about Krater - a distant planet that the Acrolytes tried to call home, but couldn't.

Rather Obvious Warning: This Wikia contains spoilers pertaining to the Dynasty series. Please read the story first before going through here.

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October 14th 2016 Update: The entirety of the Dynasty series is being reworked. Dynasty is now the tentative title of the series and there may be a chance the series will end up being called something different. Rest assured, the series is not dead. It is just being retooled. The original story has been taken down from every hosting site except for the DeviantART page.

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Main Cast
Primary Characters: Lane SilverbaneBernie SantoTay ShudoThirteenYuno Largon
Secondary Characters: Juno BoliTran BoliToro KyleJazz HughRolio Brant
Minor Characters: MarciJack Steele
Crimson Gavel: Don VinchiDon Robert BortelliSprock VinchiDon Morta BellaireJagger Leville
Cryptic Guard: Baron RunoSeanLuckyGeneral Vaxis


The Crimson GavelThe Cryptic GuardAbstractParasites

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