This faction and subspecies of the Bodaren had abandoned Magazor and the practices they once took pride in when a good amount of Bodaren were slaughtered in the first war in Krater's history against the Acrolytes and the Promi (plural version of Promus). In their most desperate moment, they turned to another powerful being for guidance - Bathama the Furious. This further the tension between the Mesa and the Hiro due to the Mesa believing that Bathama was the cause for the mortal revolt that resulted in Magazor's disappearance from the world. The Hiro follow Bathama as if he was Magazor's replacement, believing him to be a similar being though perhaps slightly weaker. Despite that slightly weaker aspect, Hiros emphasize strength in combat.

Personal appearance of the Mesa is a combination of being more wolf-like overall, but having the characteristics of a raccoon and a rabbit. For example, various Hiros can have different sets of ears. Either long rabbit-like ones, short triangular racoon ones, or floppy canine ears. They would also have the usual black striped fur around their eyes. Body builds for male Hiros range from the average muscle build to being 'ripped' as if they were on steroids. A male's average height is around 6 foot, 2 inches. A female, however, tends to range from the slender type (deemed Assassin's in their miniature army) to also a heavy muscle build. A female's height averages from 5 feet exactly to 5 foot, 10 inches.