General InformationEdit

This faction and subspecies of the Bodaren worship Magazor, despite her being gone from the world that she once helped protect. Named after their original leader, Tibul Mesa, who also lead this faction through the dire times of Magazor's disappearance. Sworn to her, they pray every night hoping for her to someday return as they believed she couldn't be kept from the world. Another belief is that when she does indeed return, the world will be reborn anew.


Personal appearances of the Mesa are a bit more rat-like than a Hiro while still sharing some aspects with it. Mesa also house a raccoon quality, but black stripes are around their forearms. Everything on a Mesa would be similar apart from the height, structure, tail, and muzzle. Various  The male height averages out to around 5 foot, 10 inches and their body builds range from skinny to chubby.  Females tend to be taller, beating a male by a few inches - around 6 foot, 2 inches. They retain a bit of the original Bodaren shape with curvature, but their bosoms aren't as 'plentiful' as a natural Bodaren's would be.