Tay Ruma Shudo
Gender Female
Race Lunga
Age 20 (First Appearance); 21 (After Origins timeskip)
Status Alive
Date of Birth March 27th
Place of Birth Tonoko City
Team Team Revolution (Lane)
Weapons Laser Pistol
Height 5 foot, 9 inches
Weight 130 lbs

General Information

Tay Shudo is a Lunga , which is a bipedal feline race. She is one of the primary characters of Dynasty: Origins and is considered Lane's second love interest, after Yuno Largon . She is the primary focus of the second intermission chapter, Act 11.5, as was Yuno in Act 8.5.

Personal Information

Personal Appearance

Tay Shudo 01

Tay in one of her other outfits.

  Hair Color: Blonde

Fur Color: Blue

Eye Color: Green

Hair Length: Wavy and long

Body Type: Curvy, but skinny

Signature Outfit: Short jean shorts, yellow low cut v-neck t-shirt and pink sneakers


Tay considers herself a tomboy, though in reality she's much closer to a girly girl. Sure, she learns how to use weapons and fight, but she does act much more feminine than Jazz Hugh , Yuno Largon or even Juno Boli . She does also have a short fuse at times such as with Lane being happy about getting an address book and not understanding why he was happy. Other times she can be very calm such as when she's helping fend of Morta's goons while Lane heads into a bank to lure the aforementioned Morta Bellaire out.